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Tom Brady jumps off a cliff because he can

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March 29, 2015


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Tom Brady jumps off a cliff because he can

Tom Brady’s post-Super Bowl vacation continues. The New England Patriots quarterback proved even further that his life doesn’t suck. After being buried in the sand by his kids earlier in the week, Brady decided to take to the jungle and do, what else, cliff jumping.

Take a look at the video below as Brady musters up the courage to finally take the plunge. Fitting that the Superman theme song is playing over the video.

I’m sure the Patriots’ management team will have a thing or two to say to Brady once he gets back to New England. But, as a four-time Super Bowl champion, three-time Super Bowl MVP and husband to the richest supermodel in the world, Brady can do pretty much anything he damn well pleases.

I’m sure many Seattle Seahawks fans wanted to jump off a cliff after Pete Carroll’s final play call in Super Bowl XLIX that clinched a Patriots win.

Too soon?

Colin J. Liotta is the co-founder and Editor-in-chief of The Sports Hero. He is also a historian of “DuckTales.” You can follow him on Twitter @TheSportsHero.

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