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BREAKING NEWS: Tim Tebow can choose between Jags and Jets

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March 21, 2012


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BREAKING NEWS: Tim Tebow can choose between Jags and Jets

[UPDATE:] After a trade to the New York Jets fell thru Wednesday due to a contract snag, Tim Tebow can now choose whether the Broncos deal him to the Jets or his hometown Jacksonville Jaguars.  You ask me?  There’s no place like home.

The New York Jets’ trade for Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow hit a snag Wednesday due to a hang-up in the language in Tebow’s contract, which could nullify the trade, a source told ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

There is a $6.2 million salary advance in Tebow’s contract, of which Denver has already paid $1.2 million. The Jets believe the $5 million difference should be paid by the Broncos.

The trade will not be finalized until the two sides figure out who will pay Tebow.  If they can’t reach an agreement, the trade will be nullified and Denver will be free to explore other trade options for Tebow.

My question is why would the Jets even think about doing this trade?  What advantage is there?  They just resigned Mark Sanchez to an extension, and, after all the locker room drama surrounding the Jets and their quarterback this offseason, they decide to bring in a guy who has even more trouble delivering the ball to his receivers than Sanchez does.

I’d love to hear what Santonio Holmes thinks of this trade, wouldn’t you?

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