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Spock’s Top 3 Reasons Why The Patriots Will Win

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February 1, 2012


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Spock’s Top 3 Reasons Why The Patriots Will Win

Top 3 Reasons Why The Patriots Will Win

Tuesday was Media Day in Indianapolis.  Players and coaches from both teams indulged reporters by answering the routine gauntlet of questions: How does it feel to be playing in the Super Bowl?  How does this game compare to Super Bowl XLII?  How will it be different?

Even for a science officer like me, such questions seem mundane and unimportant.  What really matters is who is going to win this game.  Therefore, I’ll get right to the point today and present you with my top three reasons why the New England Patriots will be leaving Indianapolis with the Lombardi Trophy.

DYNAMIC DUO: The importance of a dynamic duo cannot be overstated.  In my years working as science officer aboard the USS Enterprise alongside Captain James T. Kirk, I’ve come to learn this firsthand.  Being mentally in sync with someone during battle or times of stress is a key component to success, and no duo in sports has exemplified this better than Bill Belichick and Tom Brady.  The two have become the first Coach-QB combo to reach five Super Bowls together, and have accumulated more postseason victories (16) than any other combo, including past greats like Walsh-Montana.  Belichick has a knack for remaining levelheaded during any situation (something we Vulcans pride ourselves on), and Brady displays the same calm persona on the field.  The one blemish on their postseason resume is their Super Bowl XLII loss to the Giants—a loss that prevented the Patriots’ pursuit of a perfect season.  You think Belichick and Brady have forgotten about that?

POWER OF EMOTION: As a Vulcan, I attempt to live by reason and logic only with no interference from emotion.  The same cannot be said about you humans, however.  Emotion seems to play an intricate part in your lives and can even be used as a motivator in times of need.  No team has played with more emotion in their hearts this year than the New England Patriots, who have dedicated this season to the late Myra Kraft, wife of Patriots owner Bob Kraft.  Myra was beloved by the players and the community alike, and some have speculated it was Myra who helped knock the ball out of Lee Evans’ hands in the AFC Championship game and pushed Billy Cundiff’s seemingly chip shot field goal wide left.  The Patriots seem like a team of destiny right now, and the thought of winning a championship in honor of Myra may prove to be a key factor in this game.

THE GRONK: Tight end Rob Gronkowski does not seem human.  During my years aboard the Enterprise I’ve encountered humans of all shapes and sizes, and never before have I seen one as physically imposing as Gronkowski.  His hands are like Venus Flytraps, catching everything that comes his way, and his speed and athleticism seem more fitting of a wide receiver than a tight end.  This past season, Gronkowski set tight end records for most receiving yards in a single season (1,327) and most TDs (17).  Despite suffering a high ankle sprain in the AFC Championship game courtesy of Bernard “I-Fight-Dirty-Like-A-Klingon” Pollard, Gronkowski should remain a major part of the Patriots’ offense come Sunday.  Even if he’s only 50% by game time, the Giants defenders will still have a difficult task ahead of them.

Check back tomorrow for my top 3 reasons why the New York Giants will win Super Bowl XLVI, and as always, live long and prosper.



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