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New Trailer For ‘THE AVENGERS’

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February 29, 2012


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New Trailer For ‘THE AVENGERS’

Here is the newest trailer for ‘THE AVENGERS’.  As I suggested yesterday, I have a feeling we can expect a lot more promotional materials in the coming weeks since we are just over two months away from the film’s release.  I have to say, this second trailer has me much more excited than the first.  I love the fact that we finally get to see the strife and turmoil within the team, something we’d heard about but hadn’t really seen until now.

The music definitely made the trailer, and one thing I would’ve loved to have seen added was the voiceover of Nick Fury saying, “I still believe in heroes,” at the end of the trailer when the camera is circling the whole team on the street.  Regardless, we’ve been waiting for this film since Iron Man hit theaters back in 2008.  Marvel knows how important it is to hit this one out of the park, especially if they want to make any spinoff films with characters like Hawkeye or Nick Fury.  This film is definitely going to draw the crowds, and you can expect The Sports Hero to be at the head of line.

‘THE AVENGERS’ hits theaters May 4th, 2012.

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