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Co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Sports Hero, Colin J. Liotta is a Boston native who graduated from Carnegie Mellon University in 2007 with a BA in Professional Writing. As a senior in college, Mr. Liotta worked as a sportswriter for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, writing features for the Sunday edition that profiled local college athletes. Mr. Liotta has also published a children’s novel entitled The Boy Werewolf: Curse of the Golden Statue.  An avid fan of comic books, films, and sports, Mr. Liotta founded The Sports Hero as a way to combine his passions into feature stories that draw parallels between today’s athletes and some of our favorite comic book superheroes.  Mr. Liotta cites his influences as Bob Ryan of the Boston Globe, Terry Shields of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, and Bill Simmons. He resides in Southern California with his wife, Bushra. FOLLOW ON TWITTER @The_Sports_Hero

Bushra Khan Liotta is the Co-Founder and Co-Editor of The Sports Hero.  Bushra has a strong background in online marketing and SEO which she continues to bring to the website.  Mrs. Liotta has a degree in Marketing from California State University, Fullerton and although she is a web-enthusiast who likes all things technical, she is also an animal and music lover.  Growing up in California has instilled in her a loyalty to the Los Angeles Lakers, however when it comes to football, she is a New England Patriot’s fan.  Extreme activities like sky diving and safer hobbies like reading and thinking outside of the box are some of her favorite past times.  She resides with her husband, Colin Liotta in Southern California.  “Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect” – Mark Twain  FOLLOW ON TWITTER @bushraliotta

Craig Ferraro is a Boston area native working in the field of Education.  Mr. Ferraro holds an M.Ed in Special Education from George Mason University, a BA in Economics from Fairfield University, and a diploma from Phillips Academy.  While in high school Mr. Ferraro wrote and acted as an Editor for the Features (comedy) section of The Phillipian.  His forays also extend into the world of broadcast media as a host of a high school radio program and sporadic guest on college radio.  Mr. Ferraro is an avid sports fan.  His greatest loyalties lie with the Boston-area pro teams, but he particularly enjoys Hockey, Soccer, and Lacrosse.  His greatest influences in media include Bob Ryan, Jackie MacMullan, Bill Simmons, Michael Holley, Jack Edwards, Fred Toettcher,  and Rich Shertenlieb.  FOLLOW ON TWITTER @CraigFerraro

Duncan Dwyer hails from New York, NY. He has attended both the University of Pennsylvania and Columbia University. Mr. Dwyer went to high school at Phillips Academy before graduating from Heritage Hall in Oklahoma City. While at PA, he served alongside Craig Ferraro as both the Features (comedy) section editor of the Phillipian and co-host of a weekly radio show. He is a diehard Yankees, Jets, and Knicks fan, as well as a devotee of the WWE. Mr. Dwyer cites as influences Peter Gammons, Dennis Coles, Keith Law, Robert Diggs, and (as is required by his generation) Bill Simmons.


A graduate of Starfleet Academy and a native of the planet Vulcan, Mr. Spock has spent over two decades as science officer and first officer of the USS Enterprise in the twenty-third century.  Currently on shore leave, Mr. Spock comes to The Sports Hero to indulge in his one human vice: a love of sports.  An avid table tennis and chess player, Mr. Spock is also a strong supporter of the New England Patriots (coached by fellow Vulcan, Bill Belichick). Mr. Spock’s influences include his father, Sarek, James T. Kirk, and Dr. Seuss.  His favorite television show is CHOPPED.